Trading: Equity, Options, Execution Only

Equity Trading

Because we act as Agent, The Interstate Group is able to focus solely on our clients’ needs. We do not make markets or hold positions. Your anonymity is of the utmost importance to us. Our accomplished traders can help you with all of your executions regardless of size or liquidity. Finding liquidity is never an issue: The Interstate Group has access to all major exchanges, Nasdaq market makers and electronic networks. Our traders are efficient and informed about all trading strategies.

Options Trading

Interstate's Institutional Options area is staffed by professionals whose goal is to help our institutional clients find the best strategies to adjust risk within your portfolio and to assist in finding the greatest liquidity and pricing to execute these strategies. We search various means of execution (electronic networks, exchanges and off-exchange pools of capital) in an effort to seek price improvement. We stand ready to discuss all strategies regarding index and individual equity options.

Execution Only

The Interstate Group prides itself in skillful execution-only trades at competitively negotiated rates for clients who do not wish to utilize commission dollars for research.

ISA Account

The Interstate Group's Online Statement Web site is provided exclusively for ISA Account holders. To log in you must enter a valid login and password.

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