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To use The Interstate Group Online Statement pages, you must enter a valid login and password. To enroll for Online Statements, sign up now or call us at 800.334.1253.

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Should you have any questions concerning your statement or online access, please feel free to contact us at 800.334.1253 or e-mail

Notice Concerning Account Data 'As Of' Date

It is our intent to have your account data as of the close of the prior business day, available by 8 AM on the subsequent day. Therefore, updated data will be provided each morning on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule.

A Word About Security

The Interstate Group understands that security of confidential information is important to our clients. To that end, we emphasize that our method of providing client information through the Internet involves a download of account data from which we have excluded client-sensitive data, such as full name, address, and full account number. Further, access to those files is limited to clients who access their account information through their company's designated user ID and password.

As an additional security precaution, the information available via online statements is encrypted. Encrypting data is the most efficient security mechanism available on the Internet today, and we believe it provides adequate security for our clients. Remember that this process is dependent upon your ability to keep your user ID and password confidential and to change these codes as necessary. Please help us in that regard.

The Interstate Group does not ask you to verify or update personal information or passwords by replying to an email request or by going to a web site through a link included within an email. We may on occasion verify your account information in compliance with regulatory requirements. Contact Jay Thomas at The Interstate Group if you have any concerns about requests for information you may receive from The Interstate Group, a division of NatAlliance Securities, LLC.

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The Interstate Group's Online Statement Web site is provided exclusively for ISA Account holders. To log in you must enter a valid login and password.

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